Common Roofing Problems You Should Know

roofing problems

Roof leaks are probably the most prevalent roofing problems plaguing all homeowners today. The leaks may be caused by several roofing problems, like cracked shingles or missing shingles, among others. The actual leak may be located several feet away form the main penetration, hence, the ideal means to trace by looking at the attic. However, some roof leaks may still be hard to find.

It’s necessary to recognize common roofing problems and their causes before trying to repair them, because if they’re not taken care of right away, you’ll only make the problem bigger. Luckily, there are several simple steps that you can take in order to prevent roofing problems in the first place. You can also get tips on how to remedy them if they already exist. Here are some of the most commonly taken care of roofing problems:

Water Leaks – This is one of the most common roofing problems which could cause damage to your property. As soon as algae starts to grow on your roof, it is time for you to start conducting roof maintenance. Gutters should be properly maintained in order to ensure proper drainage of the water. If there are cracks in the gutters, you need to repair it immediately. Cracks appear due to excess algae which clogged the gutters. Clean out the gutters and fix any problems in order to prevent further algae buildup.

Mildew and Odor – These are also types of roofing problems that are caused by poor maintenance. In order to avoid this type of damage, regular cleaning of the roofs is required in order to eliminate the mold spores and odor. Regular inspections of the gutter systems and screens will ensure that leaks do not occur. In case they do occur, you need to repair them as quickly as possible to minimize damage to the roofing structure.

Standing Water – If the standing water is not properly removed, it may contain mold spores and mildew. As a result, it causes damage to the shingles, roofing materials and the walls. Mildew creates an air chamber which provides a favorable environment for mold growth. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to remove the standing water as quickly as possible.

Leak Detection – This is another important roof maintenance procedure that all homeowners should engage in regularly. If leaks continue to occur, homeowners need to determine the cause so that they can take necessary actions to correct the problem. If the leaks originate from plumbing fixtures, homeowners need to make sure that these pipes are properly sealed. In cases where the leak originates from above-ground plumbing pipes, a contractor can perform leak detection through infrared video camera.

Chimney Flushing – One of the most dreaded roofing problems that many homeowners face is a chimney fire. If not checked in a timely manner, the fire can spread and reach other rooms in the house. Aside from this, leaks often appear near the chimney as smoke billows upward. For these reasons, chimney flushing is very important to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. A chimney flushing company can safely pull out the ashes left by the wood burning fireplace. They also provide cleaning and repairs on minor chimney fires.

It is important to know all these important roofing problems so that you can identify the problems the earliest time possible. If you find leaks at an early stage, you can easily remedy the situation before it spreads. If you do not know what these are, you can hire an experienced contractor to assist you. It would also be beneficial to learn more about common roof problems so that you can address the problems yourself in case they occur on your own roof.